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Recently I got a 3D printer. The overall idea was to engage the kid with 3D modeling, tinkering and creative tech in general. To see will the kid like it, and how far can we actually reach together.
For an overview of how we started, you can take a look at 3D Printing – The Beginning.

Now, after many prints and learning of what we could do with the printer, it was time to start modeling. From Lecktor Technologies I got a recommendation to try out Tinkercad.



Tinkercad is quite an interesting platform that combines:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Electronics
  • Programming

When I first saw it, I was a bit confused. Why so much, why those 3? But soon into the tutorials, I understood what they were trying to achieve. The idea is that a kid (or you) can learn 3D modeling. Then hook up simple electronics to light it up or spin servo motors. And in the end, learn simplified programming for your creations to come to life.
Quite an exciting idea.

We are currently at modeling phase. And I myself, have taken few tutorials in Electronics part also. This was the first time that electronics seemed easy :).

Note: Besides 3D printing your creation, Tinkercad offers an option to export patterns for cardboard cutouts :), Lego or even Minecraft schema.

For the Kid

3D Modeling environment is simple to navigate. Together, we were able to design our first creation. Kid (with my help), created her first toy – she made a “The Letters Game” (that’s how she named it πŸ™‚ ).


Final Result

Wonkey Bedside Table

Then we printed a (Wonky) Wonkey Bedside Table to hold “The Letters”:

For the Grownup

Some time ago, my doorbell broke :(. And I never got to fixing it. I am more of a digital guy than a mechanical guy πŸ™‚ – so whenever a weekend would come, I always delayed fixing the bell. It was a hassle for me. Up until now that is :).

After finishing basic tutorials (and few advanced ones here), I could finally apply a digital solution to my physical doorbell problem :). And it turned out quite successful. In just few hours, I was able to measure existing object, design a new one, print it and fit it back on the wall.

From Design to Production – In Few Hours

And it worked. Few hours later, I printed the the doorbell cover, put it back on the wall, and it fit. Honestly, I was a bit surprised :).
Here it is:


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