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I like Paint 3D. I really do. It is free, small and easy to use drawing tool, that allows you to draw both 2D and 3D creations. I say “3D drawing” and not “3D modeling”, because of the way you create 3D objects in Paint 3D – it feels more like drawing then classical modeling.

If you need to do some precise modeling, then try out Tinkercad (I have a blog post 3D Modeling – Tinkercad).
But if you want to create a Fish or a Cat, Paint 3D is a valid choice.

The Cat

The kid liked the 3D Printer, and we have created few things already. So, one day, she comes and says: Let’s make a Cat. I was reluctant at first, wasn’t sure that we could actually pull it off. I suggested a Rocket! That one is easier :). But the kid was persistent, it needed to be a cat…
So, I gave her a task: Go and draw a cat, and let’s see what we can do about it.

When I saw the doodle, I instantly thought of Paint 3D.
I loaded it up, and used 3D Doodle Brush:

Eyes, nose, mouth:

Head and body:


And the tail:

The Cat was done:

Note: the process of 3D drawing was short and engaging enough to keep the kid’s attention.

Export to .STL

In order to print the cat, we needed to export it to .STL. But Paint 3D doesn’t support exporting to .STL directly, for some odd reason. So, to get the .STL file, we used 3D Builder. It is a free 3D modeling tool that can be used to do final touches on your object.

In Paint 3D click on Save As, and select 3D Model:

Choose .GLB.

Open 3D Builder and load the cat.GLB file:

3D Builder

Fix the object, if there is anything to be fixed, and Save As cat.STL.

3D Print

Now that we have cat.STL, you can import it to your favorite 3D Printing Slicer software and continue with standard printing process.

Final Result

And The Cat was done. Whole process of drawing, modeling, exporting and printing took about 3 hours.


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