3D Printed Furniture – Toy Cupboard

The idea behind this effort was to explore: how much can technology enhance skills that we are missing.

I am definitely not a carpenter, am not very good at building stuff or general craftsmanship. So I wanted to explore, can tech help me design and build furniture. Furniture that is functional, and looks good enough for me to be able to put it in the living room πŸ€”.

With those preconditions set, I was off to design and build a toy cupboard.


The cupboard was to be made of wood. But since I am not skilled in assembling (or cutting) the wood, I decided to print out connectors that would hold the parts in place. The idea was to have boards precut, and then to assemble them with connectors – like Lego πŸ™‚

This is what I wanted to build:

And this is how it turned out:


I used Tinkercad to design and draw the pieces.
I designed against standard 18mm wood plank:

  • Board height: 18mm

Tinkercad project: Furniture


Wood Spec and Cutting

I used standard size wood boards. Shop where I bought the boards did all the cutting.

  • Height: 18mm
  • Width: 300mm

To assemble the cupboard you will need 24 pieces: 18 skeleton and 6 for background covers.



Spec Summary

My boards were 300mm in width and 18mm in height.

9xA = 300mm*300mm*18mm
2xB = 318mm*300mm*18mm
6xC = 327mm*300mm*18mm
1xD = 336mm*300mm*18mm
6xE = 298mm*300mm*18mm

To connect the boards and connectors, I used regular wood glue. It worked quite good.


Group all boards

Arrange printed pieces in the order you will use them

And then start assembling layer by layer

And it’s done πŸ™‚

Don’t forget to attach it to the wall. Like with any standing furniture, for safety reasons, always attach them to the wall.


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