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No Code / Low Code solutions are becoming increasingly relevant. Here are a few numbers that Satya Nadella presented on Microsoft Inspire, conrenote session.


Microsoft estimates that in the next five years, we will create 500 million applications.

To put into perspective how large this number is: in next five years, we will create more apps then all the applications humans have created since the beginning of time.

And this comes with an interesting consequence. It turns out that there will be not enough of professional software engineers to do it all. If you take all of the software engineers that exist today, and all of the students that will finish software engineering schools year after year for next 5 years – there still will not be enough of software engineers to do it. Software industry is becoming to be larger than itself.


Why is this happening? Every company, regardless of its industry, is starting to become a software company.
Here is an example:

Satya Nadella showing that number of software engineers is growing 3X compared to rate of mechanical engineers in auto industry.

This year (not in 2030 something – we are talking about this current calendar year: 2020), the rate of hiring of software engineers compared to mechanical engineers, in auto industry is 3X. There are 3 times more software engineers being hired in auto industry – the industry that historically has been quite mechanical engineering oriented.

And as larger companies are becoming software companies, what about small and medium businesses? Small and medium businesses don’t have IT departments, don’t have resources to hire software engineers (but by the rate of software engineering demand growth, they might not even have an engineer around to hire 🙂 ). Small and medium business will still need to automate their processes, they will still need domain specific apps to help them use resources more efficiently…

Citizen Developers

To tackle this problem, we have coined a term: Citizen Developers. Microsoft, and other industry leaders, are working hard on creating platforms that will empower this new class of application creators – called Citizen Developers.
The idea is that professionals from any other industry will be able to take a No Code / Low Code platform and create their own domain specific applications and automate their own processes – freeing up professional software engineers to tackle more complex problems. To create platforms and systems upon which the rest of software ecosystem will be built upon.


You might be thinking: what does AI now have to do with it…
It turns out that No Code / Low Code solutions have been with us for a long time. But they historically had 2 big issues: they were either too simple, and then not able to tackle real-life complex flows – or they were too complex, they were powerful enough to tackle complex flows, but you needed to be an actual software engineer to be able to use them… which defeats the purpose.

But then came AI… Recent advances in AI enabled us to add AI components to No Code / Low Code platforms. The promise is that AI will bring power the platform, while keeping it simple to use.

Next Steps

To try out for yourself, you can take a look at
Find My Cat – Power Apps and AI.
It is a tutorial that introduces Power Platform and guides you through creating your first AI model. It can be finished in a few hours and will give you an insight of how those No Code / Low Code platforms work.

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