Garmin Location Tracking using Power Platform

For a long time I wanted to play around with Power Platform. I finally got an excuse :).

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Leivo Sepp wanted to build Location Tracker using Garmin inReach device. It publishes GPS coordinates into live KML-feed. He chose to use Azure Functions and Cosmos DB. Excellent choice.

I wanted to tackle the problem from a different angle. I am a huge fan of NoCode idea :). The code that we didn’t write, is the code that we don’t need to maintain :). Also, programming has reached a point when we no longer need to be a programmer to make software.

Let’s see. Can we build a realtime location tracker without writing code…
We will use Azure Logic App (or Power Automate) and Power BI.

Here is an overview of how solution will look like:

  1. Backend
    Using Azure Logic App (or Power Automate) we will build data processing pipeline that will read data source (in this case: Garmin KML feed), transform the data, and write it into a Database.
    We will use Cosmos DB, just because I love Cosmos DB :). But data storage can be any other: MySQL, PostgreSQL…
  2. Map UI
    We are going to use Power BI for Map UI.
    Power BI is very powerful tool for presenting data. From any source, any format, in a way that you want. And the beauty of it is, you don’t need to be a data scientist to use it.
  3. Web Page
    We are going to use Power Apps to build a web UI. It can be public, it can require login – Power Apps allow you to easily create it.

Let’s start:
Data Processing Pipeline – Power Automate and Azure Logic App